Month: October 2015

Advice from Home Builders in Duluth: How to Build a House for Tomorrow

If technology continues to advance at its current incredible pace, it won’t be long before we begin to see homes that resemble those once only read about in science fiction. Homeowners who are just getting ready to build their new home understandably don’t want to be left behind. It’s a legitimate concern, but with some careful planning, and quality workmanship provided by trusted home builders, you can build the ideal house of tomorrow today. Here are some tips from builders Duluth MN like you should follow if you want your new home to include the latest and greatest technology has to offer. Continue reading

Finding a Trustworthy Contractor

For the majority of homeowners, the most difficult part of a home building or remodeling project isn’t the actual construction itself, but finding a reliable, competent contractor to do the job. We’ve all heard harrowing stories about contractors who took a deposit, tore apart a room and were never heard from again. Or worse, ones who hand you a bill totaling three times their original estimate. So, what can homeowners do in order to feel secure in their choice of a contractor? Continue reading
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