Design Options for Design/Builders: In-House Design

In the custom home industry we have two ways to build a home: the traditional bid and build model, or the design build approach. As design build firms, we have two ways as well: in-house and outsourced design. In-house design means the designer is actually on the firm’s staff, while outsourced design means a designer or architect works for another firm, or for themselves. Here, we’re going to talk exclusively about in-house design. Continue reading

7 Ways Some Architects Do A Disservice To Contractors and Homeowners

If you’re a contractor who’s been at this for a while, you’ve likely had your share of negative experiences in working with some architects. And you’ve probably been witness to the disappointment, frustration, and financial upsets homeowners have been put through by the way some architects operate their design and development business. Notice that iboth statements I said “some” architects. I’ve personally had the pleasure of working with some great architects as well. As is true in all professions, there are good ones and there are other, not-so-good ones. Continue reading

What to Consider If You’re a Contractor Offering Design – #4 is Most Important!

If you’re considering adding design services to your company, there are certain areas you’ll need to address before making such an important decision. All contractors know that a complete and well thought out set of plans makes everyone’s life easier by saving time and money through reduced change orders and schedule disruptions. Continue reading
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