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Home Building Tips for Pet Owners

When designing your home, bathroom finishes and kitchen layout may require hardwood floors; you may even search for furniture which is durable and easy to maintain if young children are in the house. However, you don’t want to forget about your pets. Here are some home building tips, construction companies Duluth MN suggest, for pet owners: More pet owners are remodeling with dog washing stations in mind. A dog washing station can be placed in a mud room, laundry room, garage or wherever is considered an entry area after a walk to and from the dog park. Naturally, the main feature of a dog washing station is a space to wash a dog, such as a walk-in shower with a sprayer or handheld showerhead or a small tub. Storage can also be added for everything from extra towels and leashes to umbrellas, wetsuits, family shoes, sports equipment and jackets. Typically, dog washing stations end up having various uses. Men and women can use dog washing stations to rinse and wash things quickly such as gardening tools and soiled soccer cleats. A dog can have his own space which wouldn’t be used otherwise. Homeowners can make an addition with built-in beds under the staircase, a bay window or in a nook. You can even incorporate a dog crate under a peninsula counter or kitchen island, which enables a dog to be near the family while cooking supper, without being underfoot. You may even consider adding a spot built-in for dog food and bowls in an island to avoid messes. You will be able to place the bowls easily away when your pet is not consuming food. During a remodel, a number of cat owners, namely those with modern or contemporary tastes, purchase traditional beige scratching posts and cat trees reluctantly. You can easily integrate built-in catwalks into plans for remodel. Shelving can be used to create perches and walkways that are unique to explore for cats. The catwalks can complement a design scheme in the home; owners can become creative with various textured cat materials for them to scratch. Even if you do not want to make permanent and more extensive changes to the house, life can become much easier if you incorporate easy-to-clean and durable materials in the home. Ultrasuede or Microfiber can be considered for synthetic fiber furniture. Scratches will blend in distressed leather, which is easy to clean. You should look for patterns to conceal pet hair; you can avoid fabrics, which will draw pet hair like wool, linen, tweed and silk, chenille and velvet. You can use washable area rugs and porcelain tiles instead of carpet. Carpet tiles are another option, if your pet makes a mess, you can remove that section only to be replaced or washed. Essentially, many homes are not designed namely with four-legged friends in mind. However, when a remodel of the home is considered, changes should be made which can make life more enjoyable for pets, and more comfortable for you and your loved ones. Construction Companies Duluth MN Looking for experienced construction companies Duluth MN? Give us a call today for more information about our homebuilding and remodeling process.

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