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Home Remodeling Tips Your General Contractor Would Like You to Know

General contractors and other remodeling design professionals in Duluth, MN have seen it all – from the smallest renovation project to the grandest remodeling addition. Look to them as your best resources when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of remodeling. You Get What You Pay For When remodeling, there is an abundance of materials to choose from, with options ranging from the very high end to many lower-cost alternatives. Even though you may be restricted by your budget and might be tempted to go with the cheaper alternative, in the long run the more expensive choice is usually the best one. Most design build contractors understandably discourage this, even though this would lead to more work for them seeing that the cheaper materials don't last as long and create additional repairs sooner and more frequently. This may seem counter-intuitive however contractors are a proud bunch who take pride in what they do.  Sometimes it can be difficult to express this pride in their work through the use of cheap materials. Perhaps even more importantly, you stand the risk of compromising the structural soundness of your home. Proper- Planning- Prevents- Poor- Performance Do yourself a favor and make sure your Duluth remodeling project plans are complete before you call a contractor to get an estimate.  It is always best and highly recommended by home remodeling contractors to hire a design professional to create your vision for your project in the form of 3D renderings, elevations, and blueprint-style plans.  This will not only save you time, but it will also keep your remodeling contractor from submitting change orders for your having to take the time to re-measure, re-order, re-plan, and re-do what they’ve already done.  Not doing so can cause significant delays to your schedule and additional expense to your budget. Home Remodeling Contingency Planning Most remodeling projects have some varying degree of uncertainty.  This can create risks in achieving your objectives—finishing your project on time, and on budget. As for the contractor and the effect this has on their customers, it can create problems and limit the contractor's business success. Hiring a contractor that is capable of successfully managing these risks is critical to your project’s success and, in the long run, your overall satisfaction. Although successfully dealing with potential contingency items before the renovation begins will keep changes to a minimum, it is smart when budgeting for contingencies when remodeling your home to assume the worst. Many contractors use a traditional approach to project management.  These methods may be satisfactory for a typical project but will most likely become inadequate on a more unusual project. We have all heard the stories of when the contractor asked for more money on a project as soon as the kitchen cabinets were torn out or the moment the walls come down. Some risks can be more difficult to anticipate, but most can be avoided. Therefore, to prevent receiving the dreaded Change Order and mitigate your risk of going over budget, you should always consider that these things may occur on your remodeling project. Many of these unforeseen issues could be eliminated through proper Design & Development Process and in some cases can be discovered ahead of time through the use and implementation of a Demolition and Discovery Agreement.  So, unless you plan to have a contingency fund in place to cover such issues and other miscellaneous expenses; it would be wise to work with a company that can properly handle not only the design & discovery process of your home remodel but has a project management system in place to prevent such issues from ever arising. Sources: (Contractor Tips: Top 10 Home Remodeling Don'ts,

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  1. Thanks for the advice about buying quality materials. If design build contractors discourage cheap building supplies, there is probably a good reason for it. When I choose the materials we will use in the construction of my house, I’ll be sure to budget for high quality products rather than the cheapest ones on the market.

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