Kristal R.

Home Owner
Wyatt Knight built our wood play set, not from a kit, but by a design he and our family worked on. Grandparents had donated money to buy the plastic slides, steps, ropes, etc, but we wanted to design a set with everything our three boys wanted. As you can see in the photos, it includes two towers connected by a raised bridge. There are five ways to climb up, including a rope ladder and a 14 ft rock-step climbing wall on the right. There are 6 ways to get down from the top level, including a fireman's pole, rope and ladders. The main tower includes an enclosed play house with two doors at ground level, a middle level that accesses the bars, the plank ramp, the slide and rock steps. The top is like a fort with raised posts. The bench swing is nice for adults to sit and watch the young ones play. Our boys spend many a night sleeping up there under the stars. This set is over 10 years old and still like new. We're just replacing the ropes now and have stained it three times. Wyatt built this in four days. It is solid and anchored in cement, so it's safe from tipping. The neighborhood kids think it's a park and have many times asked if they could play or get tickets to come play. We love it and some day look forward to it being a selling point of our home to a younger family.

Frank J.

Home Owner
Wyatt helped us complete the design for our project and guided us through the renovation of our 3rd floor attic space into our son’s bedroom. He helped us understand the best way to both maximize space and energy efficiency while also meeting our project needs. Wyatt always listened to our questions and took time to give us well thought-out answers. We appreciated how hard he worked to help us complete the project within our timelines. Wyatt helped us to finish our project within budget with high quality materials and expertise of what would work for our needs.

Kathryn M.

Home Owner
Wyatt helped us turn our attic into a bedroom and kid's rooms. The Remodel added an additional 576 square feet of usable space. Wyatt was great to work with. He helped add some great design features including a dormer, deck and built in book shelves. Wyatt was a pleasure to work with. He is very knowledgeable and makes it look easy. He worked in some very unpleasant conditions - middle of summer in an attic - and always kept his cool. He listened to what I wanted and offered his professional advice with my ideas. He was respectful of our schedules and budget. I would hire him again in a minute. Far exceeded our expectations. Will be calling again when we decide to do our bathroom.

B. Karl

Home Owner
Wyatt was very knowledgeable, payed attention to detail, asked questions for clarification if something was unclear, and took the time to sit down and go over each aspect of the design with Sarah and I. We provided him with our ideas, a budget, and a timeline and he was able to meet and even exceed our needs/expectations on each. End result - Awesome Kitchen!!

Michael C.

Home Owner
I was so impressed with Wyatt's quick and thorough response when I asked him to give me an estimate on a kitchen remodel that I hired him, even though he wasn't the lowest bidder. I was impressed with how he listened to my ideas and integrated them into his bid and especially how he carried them out in the most timely manner of any contractor I have ever worked with. His knowledge of construction techniques and materials is excellent. He was always on time and available to me for questions and last minute changes I requested. No surprises. What a relief.

Sarah K.

Home Owner
Wyatt helped us with a remodel of a kitchen. This was quite extensive with removing several walls. He was able to use his computer to make a model of what the kitchen would look like after the remodel which really helped us make the final decision to do the job. He helped pick out all of the finishings, like counter tops and flooring. He has a great eye and really knew what was the best products to be using. He was always easy to reach which I have not found true with other companies in the past. The kitchen is BEAUTIFUL!! You can not even tell that there was ever a wall present. The house now looks like it should have been built in the first place. I would have no reservations using him again. He was fabulous.
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