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Tips on How to Make Your Floors Squeak-Free

There are few situations more annoying than a squeaky floor. There are several ways to reduce the noise in older houses. Unfortunately, many of these methods don’t necessarily eliminate the squeak. Fortunately, there are various steps which you can take during home construction in Duluth MN to help in preventing floor noises before they become a problem. It is vital to understand why floor squeaks initially occur. There are many potential incidents for floor squeaks. These causes can be a result of inappropriate spacing in the joist. However, with new home construction in Duluth MN , this is typically not much of a problem. Moisture fluctuations on a seasonal basis can result in squeaks. Wood can expand or contract, thus resulting in floor gaps over time. Naturally, nails come loose when gaps appear in floors. You don’t want to step on wood and cause squeaks due to movement of the wood. Typically, squeaky floors begin directly below the surface. This normally occurs at subfloor level at the joist with nail pops due to expansion and contraction. This can cause bumps and shifting above on the finished floor. Fortunately, advanced technology allows home builders to use in subflooring I-beams which are more sound and stable than the previous ones. It is advisable to ask an experienced home builders in Duluth MN what solutions of framing are appropriate for the construction of your home. Thus, here is the secret to squeak-free floors:
  • Make sure joists are spaced and sized to meet code requirements or exceed them. Subfloor panels should be sufficient for functional loads.
  • With a gap of an 1/8 of an inch, you can space subfloor panels.
  • Spacing and nail sizes should be correct; nails should imbue the floor joists.
  • A system that is glued-and-nailed should be used with adhesive installed and selected construction according to instructions of the manufacturer.
  • A humidifier is key to protect the floors in the home during the winter, while in the summer a dehumidifier is helpful. You want to keep your home at a temperature that is ideal. Based on your region, a humidity level with a 30 to 50 percent range, can reduce the aging progression of the floor.
If you are hiring a company that offers construction in Duluth MN to remodel your existing home, some temporary fixes are beneficial, such as the use of talcum or baby powder between noisy floorboards. For a time, this can diminish floor squeaks. You don’t have to allow a floor squeak to drive you to madness. It is advisable to discuss steps to take with your home builder during the construction process to create the sweet silence of squeak-free floors.

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